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Exhibitor Resource Centre FAQs
How do I log in to the Exhibitor Resource Center?

Your primary logistics contact should have received an email with a login link to the Exhibitor Resource Center along with the password. Please email us if you are missing this information. If you are the primary logistics contact, log in here.

If you need additional team members to have access to the Exhibitor Resource Center, please add them as Users with the ability to edit. Please keep in mind that this does not grant you a Badge Registration.

Can we change our logistics contact or company name?

Yes. Contact your Customer Success Manager at [email protected]

I don't see my company's listing online.

Your company will appear online within 48 business hours of submitting your contract, then you can view your stand via the interactive floorplan. Please contact [email protected]  if you do not see your company after that time.

Registration & Badge FAQs
How do I register myself and my staff for passes?

Please follow the Registration Instructions which you can access by selecting the Badge Registration button via your Exhibitor Resource center in Map Your Show.

How do I receive a receipt/confirmation for registered booth staff?

Confirmation emails are sent to the email address of the individual registered. If you need an additional copy of a confirmation, please contact Registration Services by phone at (877) 806-7899 [Outside USA number +1 (310) 857-7379] or send an email to [email protected].

I've registered. How do I get my badge?

Badges will not be mailed ahead of time. Please bring your confirmation code to the show (print a hard copy of the email or have it on your mobile device) to pick up your badge on site.

Do I need to provide any information to pick up my badge onsite?

Yes. Please bring your email confirmation, either on your mobile device or hard copy, to enjoy our expedited check in. Badges are not mailed in advance.

How can I see the passes that each person has for our booth?

A registration summary can be found when you click on Registrant Search.

Is it possible for me to receive a copy of all the confirmation emails listed on my account?

Yes, please request this from the registration team via email at [email protected].

How do I pay for the extra badge I need?

After you’ve used your allotted badges, you will be able to register additional staff and pay for the passes via the Payment page.

If you or your registered colleague doesn't appear in the Registrant Search, what should you do?

If your colleague(s) doesn't appear in the registrant search summary, they may have signed up for the invite-a-customer pass or an attendee pass. This will need to be adjusted as all booth staff should have the booth staff badge. The registration team can assist with modifications and adjustments. Please contact them by phone at (877) 806-7899 [Outside USA number +1 (310) 857-7379] or send an email to [email protected].

How many exhibitor booth staff passes do I receive with my booth?

You will receive four (4) free exhibitor badges for every 100 square feet. If your booth is 400 square feet, you will receive 16 free exhibitor badges. After you’ve used your allotted passes, you can purchase additional booth staff passes at an exhibitor discount rate

How do I get a visa invitation letter?

A general visa letter can be obtained during the registration process. Please note, however, that after a thorough review with our legal teams and data privacy teams, we are no longer in a position to be able to provide sensitive customer-specific data points on visa letters, such as date of birth, passport information, staff signatures, and other at-risk information. This change is being implemented due to Informa’s stance on Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII). We can no longer collect these types of data points via registration.

Can I attend the conference?

You may attend the conference with the purchase of a Conference or VIP pass.

What can I access with a standard exhibitor pass?

We welcome all pass types to join us at our opening night welcome reception, all sessions in the Safety & Security Symposium, all Cruising Innovations Theater sessions, and all happy hours found on the event-at-a-glance page (updated on a rolling basis).

Hotels, Directions and Parking FAQs
Can you help with hotel accommodations?

Yes! And you can get up to a 50% discount when you book through our official hotel provider, OnPeak. Check the HOTEL & TRAVEL page for details. To ensure you receive the highest quality of service, we ask that you only book through OnPeak.

What is the address of the Convention Center?

Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Ctr Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Booth & Shipping FAQs
Can I employ an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC)?

Yes, you must have your EAC approved by show management so they can be added to the security list. This includes all EAC display houses, display sales representatives, designers, florists, EAC labor, supervisors, and any third parties. To gain approval, submit the EAC Authorization Form to  [email protected]

Are the Official Service Contractor and the union the same thing?

No. The Official Service Contractor, EXPO CCI, is required to go through the local union hall to hire laborers for exhibitions. EXPO CCI personnel are non-union.

Why can't I unload my truck/trailer/van by myself?

Union jurisdictions prevail over the operations of all material handling equipment, all unloading and reloading, and handling of empty containers. EXPO CCI has the responsibility to manage all docks, marshalling yards, and the scheduling of all vehicles to ensure a smooth and efficient move-in and move-out. Therefore, EXPO CCI also has the responsibility of receiving and handling all exhibit materials and empty crates.

What is the exhibitor booth cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is referred to in the Seatrade Cruise Global Terms and Conditions of Participation in Event, included with your signed Contract for Exhibit Space. The term (5.b) is as follows:

Termination by Exhibitor. All fees are deemed fully earned and nonrefundable when due. Termination by Exhibitor must be in writing and will be effective upon receipt by Informa Markets of an email addressed to Informa Markets at [email protected]. Exhibitor acknowledges the difficulty in determining a precise value for services rendered and expenses incurred by Informa Markets for the Event, and of ascertaining damages incurred by Informa Markets if Exhibitor terminates this contract or Exhibitor's participation in the Event; the amounts due from Exhibitor under this contract as of the effective date of any termination by Exhibitor belong to Informa Markets and represent an agreed measure of compensation, and are not to be deemed or construed as a forfeiture or penalty.

Inviting Customers & Vendors FAQs
Can I invite my customers to attend the show? Is there a limit to how many I can invite?

Absolutely, and there is no limit! We encourage it, in fact, Expo Passes are free to your customers (or 10% off a Full Conference package)! To get your free passes, head over to the Marketing Tools page or contact [email protected]

Who are your affiliated show vendors?

We partner with a world-class team of vendors who may contact you from time to time to help keep you on track for a successful event. Please be aware of unaffiliated vendors improperly soliciting exhibitors to purchase their products and services and use the vendors listed on the Exhibitor Services Manual page.

Not receiving our emails?

Please whitelist our email address to ensure you are receiving our communication. In Outook: Home Tab, Junk, Junk Email Options > Safe Senders Tab > Add [email protected].

Can I buy an attendee list? / Do you sell attendee lists?

Due to data protection laws, neither Seatrade Cruise Global nor Informa will sell you an attendee list. 

Beware of Fraudulent Activity: We want to draw your attention to a number of emails that appear to be targeting exhibitors of Seatrade Cruise Global falsely purporting to offer copies of our database of attendees contact details. Seatrade Cruise Global is part of Informa Markets and is not in any way associated with the sender of these emails and does not engage in the sale or trade of any of its customers lists whether exhibitor, sponsor or attendee.

Beware of Scams video: