It's a brave new world.

Expedition cruising is flourishing as the trend for adventure, connection and exploration rises amongst travellers and drives the need for new and interesting destinations across the globe.

Expedition ships account for almost one third of the orderbook with over 40 expedition newbuilds planned for delivery between 2019-2022 from 17 owners including luxury cruise lines building to meet consumer demand.

Dazzle cruisers with unforgettable experiences.

Celebrating 50 years as the cruise industry's leading platform for collaborating, innovating, and doing business.

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Event Team

Mary Bond
Group Director
Seatrade Cruise
Chiara Giorgi
Global Event Director
Seatrade Cruise
Emma Bond
Global Event Manager
Seatrade Cruise
Ignas Avizienis
 Senior Exec, Event & Digital Delivery
Seatrade Cruise
Chloe Birnbach
 Senior Event Specialist
Seatrade Cruise
Rachel Wehrle
Cruise Relationship Manager
Seatrade Cruise

Sales Team

Shay Lakhani
Global Sales Director
Seatrade Cruise
📞: +1 646-422-9475
Barbara LaTorre
Senior Account Manager
Seatrade Cruise
📞: +1 201-725-6004
Rachel Graham
Senior Account Manager
Seatrade Cruise
📞: +1 978-793-6854
Victoria Philpot
Senior Account Manager
Seatrade Cruise
📞: +44 7425 960045
Ian Vernau
Group Sales Manager
Seatrade Cruise Publishing
📞: +44 786-681-0065
Cristophe Cahen
Regional Manager - The Americas
Seatrade Portfolio
📞: +57 317-501-6944
Jorge Luis Rojas Cova
Senior Sales Representative - The Americas
Seatrade Portfolio
📞: +00 507-6122-4291

Customer Success Team

Julie Lombardi
Global Customer Success Manager
Seatrade Cruise
📞: +1 475-218-2940
Kat Romero
Global Customer Success Specialist
Seatrade Cruise
📞: +1 917-734-7001

Event Operations Team

Angela Price
Operations Director
Seatrade Cruise

Content & Conference Team

Anne Kalosh
Editor, Seatrade Cruise News
Senior Associate Editor, Seatrade Cruise Review
Helen Hutcheon
Australasia Correspondent
Seatrade Cruise News
Katherine Si
China Correspondent
Seatrade Cruise News
Frederik Erdmann
Germany Correspondent
Seatrade Cruise News
Luca Peruzzi
Italy Correspondent
Seatrade Cruise News
Michèle Valandina
French Correspondent
Seatrade Cruise News
Lauren Laino
Conference Producer
Seatrade Cruise Global
Holly Payne
 Editor, Video Production & Deputy Editor
Seatrade Cruise Review/Seatrade Cruise News
Fiona Hockey
 Production Editor
Seatrade Portfolio
Frances Musson 
Conference Producer
Seatrade Cruise

Marketing Team

Annelise Bright
Senior Marketing Manager  
Seatrade Cruise 
Eleanor Collins
Senior Content Marketing Executive
Seatrade Cruise
Joshua Multer
Sales Marketing Manager Seatrade Cruise
Upali Tamang
Senior Marketing Executive  
Seatrade Cruise 

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