Getting Back Onboard

Going above and beyond is at the heart of delivering a successful guest experience.  Hear from leading voices in hospitality, entertainment and guest operations as they share their views on creating unique moments at Seatrade Cruise Virtual: Guest Experience. 

Countdown to 13 April:

The biggest driver of future cruise intent is passenger experience. 

As the industry prepares to return stronger than ever, how can technology, innovation and guest standards be integrated to create unforgettable experiences for passengers? 

Retail therapy – when passengers re-embark will they be looking for a familiar, but safer, shopping experience, or something elevated?

How do you maintain the ultimate experience when safety, sustainability and value for money are top of mind?

These are some of the questions we explore in our packed agenda welcoming speakers with years of experience in sectors such as onboard entertainment, guest operations, food and beverage and hospitality. 

Hear from leading voices and key personalities

Our sector specific conference sessions will host a diverse panel of speakers with experience across sectors including entertainment, hospitality, cruise operations and more. Confirmed conference themes include:

○   Medically Minded Menu Development

○   Environmentally-Conscious Gastronomy 

○  The Future of Dining and Social Environments

○   Reviving On-Board Culture

Carol Cabezas, President, Azamara

Josh Leibowitz, President, Seabourn Cruise Line

Meet with new and familiar faces!

               Join our networking and social activities calendar with colleagues across entertainment, hospitality and guest operations! 

                            What's more, start the day right with our workout session from Nike Miami!


Innovation Buzz Sessions - Discover new and upcoming products and developments from our sponsors

Cocktails with Carol Cabezas, President, Azamara hosted by our Entertainment Ambassador Ryan Stana

Chef's Lounge - Learn exciting new recipes from gastronomy experts while socializing with peers

Upper Body Core Blend Workout with Nike Miami

Meet Our Entertainment Ambassador

"Seatrade Cruise Virtual: Guest Experience will showcase a series leaders in the industry who will provide practical and innovative insight on how the guest experience should and will function once the industry is fully operational.

I am looking forward to having the cruise community unite and realistically look at how we are taking the necessary steps to get back to sea! The conference is filled with excellent speakers and content that will help instruct us all how to set sail once again."

Ryan Stana, CEO and Founder of Emmy Award-winning RWS Entertainment Group