Innovation Arena

Discover a learning experience like no other at Seatrade Cruise Med 2018.

The Seatrade Cruise Med conference has had a revamp for 2018 and we are excited to show you what we have in store for the Mediterranean’s most crucial cruise conference - including the brand new Innovation Arena.

What is the Innovation Arena?

The Innovation Arena is a collection of engaging conference sessions on the second day of Seatrade Cruise Med.

The Innovation Arena at Seatrade Cruise Med will delve deeper into the new innovations and technologies being used to enhance the overall guest experience, including:

  • Ship design
  • On-board technology
  • Shore excursions

This is a truly unparalleled opportunity to learn from the influencers shaping the future of the regional tourism industry and discover the biggest trends you need to know about.

The Innovation Arena is new for the cruise industry at Seatrade Cruise Med

Why Innovation?

Now, more than ever before, the cruise industry needs to be looking to innovate for the future. Why?

Beacuse innovation is not settling.

Innovation is taking something established and not being afraid to make waves with change.

Innovation is thinking outside of the box and keeping up with the future. 

In short, innovation is needed to keep an industry successful. Afterall, the future for cruise tourism across the Mediterranean is bright – but it is vital for businesses to continue breaking the boundaries of what was once possible to enhance guest experience.