Harness the Attention of an Exclusive Group of Cruise Decision-Makers

European Cruise lines are searching for new business partners as business in the Mediterranean resumes. They'll gather for the first time in over four years at Seatrade Cruise Med in Málaga this September. Ready to stand out?

From all-encompassing Smart Bundles to digital advertising, onsite signage, sessions, collateral and more, there is a sponsorship for every budget and business goal. Whether you're seeking a boost in...

  • Brand Awareness
  • Thought Leadership Status
  • Lead Generation, Networking and more

...We have an opportunity to match it.

An audience empowered to do business:

  • 89 countries represented
  • 3000+ attendees
  • 30+ cruise line brands
  • 80% of attending cruise lines are involved in purchasing
  • 50% hold the title of Managing Director or higher

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