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Expedition cruising is flourishing as the trend for adventure, connection and exploration rises amongst travellers and drives the need for new and interesting destinations across the globe.

Expedition ships account for almost one third of the orderbook with over 40 expedition newbuilds planned for delivery between 2019-2022 from 17 owners including luxury cruise lines building to meet consumer demand.

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14 Jan

Live Webinar
Attack All Angles: Making Ships Pandemic-Proof

How can Cruise become the leader in safe and healthy travel? A group of hospitality and sanitation experts has been working together to create a complete health and sanitation solution with a multi-level set of protocols to allow passengers and crew safe travel.

In this webinar, each of these prime areas of concern will get a deep dive from the presenters and discuss how they can come together for a "Total Concept Solution."

  • Ensuring the sanitation of surfaces and textiles
  • The use of UVC and LED lighting to interact as part of the
    sanitation process.
  • The quality of air onboard
  • Interaction between passengers and service personnel
  • Monitoring the onboard environment

These experts believe taking proven sanitation approaches in these categories and using them together in a well-coordinated program can increase individual efficacy, which may solve specific problems while improving total environmental health onboard for guests and crew members. As well as learning from their findings, there is also the opportunity to have a group of qualified experts conduct an onsite test of the "Total Solution Concept" on a vessel, and become part of a case study.

It is vital to protect the industry from COVID-19 in this pre-vaccine period but also future pandemics. Explore the "Total Concept Solution" in this webinar and get involved with safety's next steps.

Speakers Include:

Bruce Nierenberg, President/CEO, Bruce Nierenberg & Associates

Allan Johnston, Founder & CEO, GreenTech Environmental
Dinesh Wadhwani, Founder & CEO, ThinkLite
Glen Finkel, Co-Founder, PURETi, Toledo Solar, AquOm Water
Les Bridwell, Owner & Partner, Lifeforce, LLC / Cleaner Solutions, LLC

21 Jan

Curated Conversation
Post Covid IT Optimisation - How IT Departments Do More With Less

The industry shut down of 2020 has impacted all areas of spending for cruise lines, including IT operations. Conversely, we cannot underestimate the critical role technology and digitalisation play in returning to safe cruising.

This panel will explore the challenges IT operations departments faced and how technology leaders adapt their strategy to "do more with less." We will discuss how COVID has impacted IT, especially regarding efficiency, how do leaders decide what a critical investment is, and how you can keep costs down while still innovating.

Speakers Include:

Ian Richardson, CEO and Co-Founder, TheICEway

Chris Grayson, Head of Revenue & Systems Acquisition, Eqcentric
Jean-Louis Cambert, Chief Information Officer, Ponant
Dimple Jethani, CIO & SVP IT Operations and Governance, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
Scott Piccolo, CIO & SVP Enterprise Applications and Emerging Technology, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

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