5 Top Reasons to Join Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific

Technology. We live, breathe and sleep in a world ruled by it, and defined by it too.

The advancements made in modern technology have been nothing short of exceptional. And, for the large part of it, extremely beneficial for business. Facilitating communication from one side of the world is now easier than ever before and we can share information at the click of a button.

Being online is crucial – but having a strong offline presence is even more important.


  • Because one face-to-face conversation has a bigger impact on building relationships than twenty emails will.
  • Learning from the industry’s most influential personalities is more inspiring than just reading reports.
  • And being at a live event with a network of engaged professionals is more inspiring than sitting in the office.

It is easy to forget how important meeting with peers can be – and we often forget about the power of face-to-face networking, sharing and learning can have on a business. Statistics released by Bizzabo in 2017* demonstrate the over 80% of marketers believe live events are critical to their company’s success – and over 87% of C-Suite executives believe so much in the power of live events, that they plan on investing in them more in the future.

To put it bluntly, attending live events is crucial to going above and beyond your business objectives - especially if you work within cruise and are invested across Asia Pacific. Despite its clear potential and prosperity, it’s no secret that Asia is a complicated part of the world to do business with (the great firewall of China, anyone?). Needless to say, but building relationships offline should therefore be treated as a vital part of your overall strategy.

There are hundreds of reasons why you should seriously consider being a part of a live conference this year – but you haven’t got time to read all of them. Here are our top five reasons for joining an industry conferences such as Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific 2018 - the leading cruise industry conference and event for Asia Pacific...

1. Expand your network

No matter how many emails you send, telephone calls you make or budget you invest into PPC, all relationships in the cruise industry are built and maintained on personal experiences - and even more so for fast-growing markets such as Asia Pacific.

However, we know getting time out of the office to do this can be challenging – which is exactly why a main focus of Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific has been put onto creating valued face-to-face time with an engaged network of over 900 cruise industry leaders.

And what makes up that network? From ship yards to destinations; suppliers to port authorities; the entire spectrum is represented at Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific. Over 35% of attendees have purchasing authority or influence, and over 190 cruise line executives make the journey to join us.

The point? Attending Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific is an intelligent way to build meaningful relationships that can lead to profitable partnerships.

2. Invest in your own knowledge

The growth in Asia has been remarkable – and for anyone doing business in this region, keeping on top of developments is really critical for success.

Attending an industry conference is such a powerful way to really amplify your market understanding. You’ll hear about the latest trends; gain actionable insight into regional news and discover solutions to current issues. And not only does it benefit you, but your whole team, too.

Additionally, industry conferences such as Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific feature a high-profile speaker line-up. We’re talking bright minds; thought-leaders and key influencers – the very best that cruising has to offer.

3. Discover new supplier options

Attending industry conferences is a great opportunity to not only strengthen relationships with current vendors – but also build bonds with new ones.

Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific features a showcase display area – which is a great opportunity to build new contacts with cruise industry suppliers, destinations and services from across the entire Asia Pacific. And, as this is an event with a truly international reputation, the showcase display area at Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific will also shine a spotlight on brands from around the world.

A simple conversation could take your business above and beyond your objectives – and having so many options under one roof really enhances those opportunities.

4. Get closer to the region

We all know that Asia Pacific has become one of cruising’s most exciting region – and the opportunities its growth offers in relation to economic impact are incredible.

After all, who could’ve predicted that as a source market, China would rise to the second largest source market? Or that over 40 cruise line brands would be active in Asian waters?

This is a region with huge potential for economic impact on a global scale across all cruise industry sectors – so having a presence at events such as Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific is critical for market penetration and brand awareness.

5. Experience

Live events, such as Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific, provide a truly unique experience that you just won’t gain from reading articles or watching a video.

There really is no better place to immerse yourself in an industry than at a trade show. Uniting suppliers, buyers, distributors, agents, press, associations and industry professionals allows you to keep abreast with industry news and trends - as well as learn from your peers and competitors.

Over 900 engaged and passionate individuals from all around the world take part in Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific, which ignites an atmosphere of inspiration; innovation and enthusiasm.

And who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? To register today for Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific, click here.

*Source: https://blog.bizzabo.com/event-marketing-2018-benchmarks-and-trends