Why take part in Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific?

There is so much untapped potential in Asian waters. Capacity has increased to 4.26 million passengers, with passenger growth of over 20% and over 38 cruise lines now present in the region. But with a penetration level of 1% within the territory, this presents an unrivalled business opportunity. 

Bringing together over 1000 industry influencers, Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific welcomes cruise line executives and senior decision makers - each of whom are passionate about investing both time and money in the regional cruise market. And if you're looking to take advantage of that network, then booking a table top package within the Showcase Pop-Up Zone is the most powerful way to do so.

Contact us today for an informal conversation on how Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific can help grow your business across the Asia-Pacific region.

So, why book a table top?

  • Showcase what makes your business a worthwhile investment 
  • Increase brand awareness within the Asia Pacific region - a key market for cruise
  • Interact with an engaged audience of over 1000 industry stakeholders
  • Demonstrate how committed your team is to the future of cruise tourism in the Asia Pacific
  • Give more meaning to your onsite conversations
  • A more effective and proactive way to generate new leads 

Enhance your regional presence

Cruise tourism in the Asia Pacific is booming - and the opportunities for new business opportunities are limitless.

With China now ranked as the second largest source market and more ships that ever before set to sail Asian waters, there is an abundance of opportunities waiting for both international and domestic businesses alike. And with over 1000 cruise industry stakeholders in attendance, a table top at Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific is a great platform to showcase why buyers should be interested in your business,

Additionally, a table top package is a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to this exciting region. It shows that you are not only invested in doing business within Asia Pacific, but also facilitating its growth.

Maximise your investment

Your business objectives for attending Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific are important - and we are committed to ensuring you meet them.

If efficiently generating new leads; raising brand awareness; enhancing regional presence and having meaningful conversations are a part of your strategy for attending Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific, then a table top package at this event is a really great way to maximise your time onsite.

Meet decision makers with buying authority and a passion for investing in the Asia Pacific cruise market as well as benefiting from exposure at the leading cruise event in the region.

Our sponsorship options also offer a chance to further amplify your brand to cruise line executives and other important influencers in the industry.