Travel Agent Training

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Travel Agents who attended the Travel Agent Training in 2016 gained a significant advantage over their competitors in the cruise retail market by having an exclusive opportunity to receive insight to the most critical skills needed in Cruise Retail Success. Presented by experienced international speaker and trainer, Peter Kollar, head of CLIA Australasia’s Training & Development program, Peter revealed the 10 most important elements he has found which have helped agents around the world to find success, and in detail, showcase how you can develop these skills to become the ultimate cruise holiday seller.

Prelude: The Asian Cruise Market Boom and YOU

The 10 most critical skills

  1. Understanding Cruise Evolution
  2. Identifying Current Trends
  3. Sales Psychology
  4. The #1 thing you need to know about your Customer
  5. Where to Start
  6. The Importance of Destination Knowledge
  7. Why Turnaround Ports ARE your business
  8. How to Compete against the Internet
  9. How to Compete against other Holiday Options
  10. Increasing your Target Market

* PLUS – Tools to overcome Cruise Objections

Travel Agent Training

Provided by

CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association)